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Presma unja viral  Viral Video Skandal Mahasiswa UNJA: Fakta dan Kontroversi Baru-baru ini, sebuah video skandal yang melibatkan dua orang mahasiswa Universitas Jambi (UNJA) beredar di media sosial dan menjadi viral. Video berdurasi 20 detik tersebut menampilkan adegan tak senonoh yang dilakukan oleh dua orang yang diduga merupakan mahasiswa UNJA.

Fakta Video Viral:

  • Video tersebut beredar di aplikasi pesan WhatsApp dan TikTok.
  • Durasi video hanya 20 detik.
  • Terlihat dua orang melakukan adegan tak senonoh.
  • Diduga pemeran dalam video tersebut adalah alumni UNJA.

Kontroversi dan Dampak:

  • Video ini telah menuai kecaman dari berbagai pihak, termasuk dari pihak UNJA.
  • Pihak UNJA menyatakan bahwa mereka masih belum bisa memastikan apakah pemeran dalam video tersebut adalah alumni mereka atau bukan.
  • Rektor UNJA, Prof. Dr. Ir. Arne Zul Zain, M.Sc., telah menginstruksikan kepada tim Satuan Tugas (Satgas) Pencegahan dan Penanganan Kekerasan Seksual (P2KS) untuk menindaklanjuti kasus tersebut.
  • Kasubdit Cyber Ditreskrimsus Polda Jambi, AKBP Reza Khomeini, mengimbau kepada masyarakat untuk tidak menyebarkan video tersebut.
  • Pihak kepolisian juga sedang melakukan penyelidikan terkait kasus ini.

Kronologi Kejadian: Presma unja viral 

Hingga saat ini, belum diketahui secara pasti kapan dan di mana video tersebut direkam. Video tersebut pertama kali beredar di media sosial pada hari Jumat (17/5/2024). Sejak saat itu, video tersebut telah menyebar luas dan menjadi viral.

Tanggapan Pihak Terkait:

  • Pihak UNJA:
    • Menyatakan prihatin atas beredarnya video tersebut.
    • Membentuk tim Satgas P2KS untuk menindaklanjuti kasus tersebut.
    • Akan mengambil tindakan tegas jika terbukti pemeran dalam video tersebut adalah mahasiswa UNJA.
  • Pihak Kepolisian:
    • Sedang melakukan penyelidikan terkait kasus ini.
    • Mengimbau kepada masyarakat untuk tidak menyebarkan video tersebut.

Kasus ini masih dalam proses penyelidikan. Pihak-pihak terkait masih berusaha untuk mencari fakta-fakta terkait video tersebut. Masyarakat diimbau untuk tidak menyebarkan video tersebut dan menunggu informasi resmi dari pihak terkait.

Presma unja viral

Have you ever wondered what makes a video go viral? Recently, a video involving students from Unja Jambi caught the internet by storm, sparking a whirlwind of reactions and discussions. This article dives deep into the phenomenon of the viral video, exploring its impact on the students, the university, and the broader community.

Background of Unja Jambi

Located in the heart of Jambi, Indonesia, Universitas Jambi (Unja Jambi) is a prominent educational institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and community development. Established with a mission to foster intellectual growth, Unja Jambi has a rich history and a reputation for nurturing talented individuals who contribute significantly to various fields.

The Viral Video

The video that took the internet by storm features a group of Unja Jambi students in a spontaneous, humorous act that quickly resonated with viewers. The content, filled with relatable humor and candid moments, struck a chord with audiences, leading to its rapid spread across multiple social media platforms.

Reasons for Virality

So, what made this video go viral? Several factors contributed to its widespread appeal:

  • Unique Content: The video’s originality and the students’ genuine reactions were refreshing in a sea of scripted content.
  • Emotional Appeal: It evoked laughter and nostalgia, emotions that are powerful motivators for sharing content.
  • Relevance: The video tapped into current trends and student life, making it highly relatable to a broad audience.

Impact on Students

The immediate reaction from Unja Jambi students was a mix of excitement and surprise. For many, it was their first brush with viral fame, leading to a surge in social media activity and newfound online followings. However, this sudden attention also brought challenges, such as managing their online personas and dealing with the pressures of public scrutiny.

Impact on the University

Unja Jambi’s administration was quick to respond to the viral sensation. The university issued statements acknowledging the video’s popularity and emphasizing the importance of responsible social media use. This incident prompted a review of existing policies and the introduction of new guidelines to help students navigate their digital lives safely.

Social Media Dynamics

Social media played a crucial role in the video’s virality. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter saw a massive influx of shares, likes, and comments. Engagement metrics soared as the video spread, illustrating the power of social media in shaping public discourse and trends.

Public Reaction

The video elicited a range of reactions from the public. While many viewers appreciated the humor and authenticity, others expressed concerns about privacy and the potential negative effects of such widespread exposure. Notably, several celebrities and influencers joined the conversation, further amplifying the video’s reach.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

The viral video also raised important legal and ethical questions. Issues of privacy, consent, and the rights to distribute the content became hot topics of discussion. The university’s legal team had to consider the implications of the video’s spread and whether any actions were necessary to protect the students involved.

Lessons Learned

This incident highlighted the importance of digital literacy among students. Understanding how to navigate viral fame responsibly is crucial in today’s interconnected world. It also underscored the need for educational institutions to equip their students with the tools and knowledge to handle such situations effectively.

Preventive Measures

In response to the viral video, Unja Jambi has implemented several preventive measures. Awareness programs and workshops on digital citizenship and privacy are now part of the university’s curriculum. Additionally, new guidelines have been introduced to encourage responsible social media use among students.

Global Comparisons

Similar incidents have occurred at universities worldwide, each with its unique context and reactions. Comparing these cases provides valuable insights into how different institutions handle the challenges of viral content and the lessons they can learn from each other.

Future Implications

The long-term effects of the viral video on Unja Jambi are still unfolding. However, it has undoubtedly impacted student behavior and university policies, prompting a shift towards more comprehensive digital literacy education and stricter social media guidelines.


In conclusion, the viral video from Unja Jambi serves as a powerful reminder of the internet’s far-reaching impact. It highlights the dual-edged nature of viral fame, offering both opportunities and challenges. As we move forward, it’s essential for students and institutions alike to navigate this digital landscape with care and responsibility.



What made the video go viral?

The video went viral due to its unique content, emotional appeal, and relevance to current trends, which resonated with a wide audience.

How did Unja Jambi handle the situation?

Unja Jambi responded by issuing statements, reviewing policies, and introducing new guidelines to promote responsible social media use among students.

What are the legal implications of sharing such videos?

Sharing such videos raises legal issues related to privacy, consent, and distribution rights, which need careful consideration to protect the individuals involved.

How can students protect their privacy online?

Students can protect their privacy by being mindful of the content they share, understanding privacy settings on social media platforms, and staying informed about their digital rights.

What should universities do to prevent similar incidents?

Universities should implement digital literacy programs, establish clear social media guidelines, and provide resources to help students navigate the complexities of online fame responsibly.


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